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RG3 recognized the need for a higher quality suspension kit than what is currently available on stock production bikes. Factory "Kit" suspension that the pro Factory teams use is very difficult to obtain, and can be very expensive. With this in mind, RG3 developed its "Diamond Kit," suspension package, which modifies your existing forks and shock, and is a very cost effective alternative to factory a-kit.

The RG3 Diamond Kit is a major improvement over the stock suspension in the following areas:

-Improved feel for the terrain
-Greatly improved resistance to wear and fade
-A Factory feel (tight and consistent) due to improved friction control, which allows for valving to be more exact which gives an even smoother feel

Additionally, you receive all the benefits of an RG3 suspension revalve such as a plusher more progressive feel, custom setup for your needs, improved traction and predictability, greater resistance to bottoming, etc.

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The Diamond Kit got its name from the most exotic, performance enhancing coating known to the suspension world today. DLC or Diamond-Like-Carbon coating is harder, slicker and more durable than Titanium Nitride as well as standard hard chrome. It is intended for the inner fork tube and shock shaft.

We take your existing forks and shock and bring them to a Factory Works level. We start by Electro-forming the DLC Coating to the lower fork legs and shock shaft. DLC is very different than the Ti-Nitride seen on other bikes. DLC has drastically reduced friction compared to stock chrome and Ti-Nitride coatings and will last as long as your forks and shocks will hold up. It can be seen on almost every race bike from Chad Reed’s to James Stewart’s. You also get to pick the custom anodizing of the upper fork tubes, shock housing, bladder cap and an assortment of other suspension components.

Included in this overhaul is our Smart Valve, which we install into your forks. Our Smart Valve works like a smart part and flows the proper amounts of fork fluid for the speed at which your fork is traveling. The result is a fork that holds up in the stroke when needed, yet settles into ruts and cures harsh deflection at high speed. Then the same suspension techs that work on all of our factory bikes custom valve your suspension for your exact weight, ability, and riding conditions.

Also included in the Diamond Kit are hard anodized aluminum preload rings.

Whether you ride supercross, arenacross, motocross, supermoto, desert, GNCC, trail, enduro or hare scrambles, the RG3 Diamond Kit will greatly enhance your suspension’s performance.

Our full suspension overhaul including Diamond-like carbon coating, hard anodizing and full customized revalving gives you the most exotic, performance enhancing kit suspension available in the world today.


RG3 Suspension, based out of Southern California prides itself on its motorcycle and ATV suspension service as well as our products. RG3's products such as our triple clamps, linkages and Diamond Kit™ along with our customized suspension services - revalves and rebuilds, allow riders to go fast through terrain that otherwise would slow them down. Whether you ride supercross, arenacross, motocross, freestyle, supermoto, desert, GNCC, trail, enduro or hare scrambles, our products and services will greatly enhance your suspension's performance. We strive to give you the best product possible, through testing and experience. All the products our race teams use, including race suspension, is available to you for purchase.

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